We’ve all done it before. – saw the oil icon on our dashboard light up, and just shrug it off as we motored along for a number of miles, days, and weeks before booking that oil change appointment. Oil changes may seem minor, just a small maintenance item that should be looked into every now and then. However, when we examine the importance of oil to the overall health of your car, we find that while a small thing, it has big impacts.

Why is oil important for your engine?

Oil is vital to the smooth working of your engine, ensuring that each component is working properly and running efficiently. It helps counteract the heat that’s created as moving parts work together to run your engine, ensuring that the friction caused by these parts does not make your engine explode. In the process of keeping your engine cool, the oil will inevitably become dirty and less liquefied, forming a more sludge-like substance.

This is when you need an oil change. The longer you wait to change your oil, the thicker this sludge becomes and can clog your engine, creating bigger problems down the road, such as having to replace parts in your engine, clean your engine, or even seeing your engine overheat and ruining it completely.

When that light comes on your dashboard – pay attention and book your appointment! As a good, proactive measure, most experts suggest bringing your car in every 5,000 – 7,500 KMs to get your oil changed. This amount can vary, depending on your vehicle, so it’s best to consult with your mechanic on a good schedule.

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