Last Minute Gift Ideas for Car Owners!

Scrambling around for those last minute stocking stuffers or presents to put under the tree? Why not take the practical route and get them something that’s useful for their car!

Many of us spend a lot of time in our vehicle travelling from place to place, and there are a few items that are always great to have on hand.



Booster Cables

Always a great item to have in your trunk for the times when your battery needs a boost! This is a great gift for a new driver who may not have any yet.

Rubber or Plastic Mats

This is a great gift for vehicles that are clean and you don’t want dirty, especially in the winter months!

Seat Covers

Terrific for the vehicle owner who works in an environment where their clothes are more likely to get dusty and dirty!

Emergency Kit

Often- overlooked item that is important to have in your car.

Backseat Organizer

For the busy parent on your list! This is a great item to have in your vehicle when driving children around. Helps with organization and keeping the vehicle neat!

Cell Phone Charger

A phone charger that can plug into the vehicle and charge it. Great for those long road trips or in case of an emergency.

Steering Wheel Cover

A great gift idea for the person whose hands are always cold or likes a bit of extra personality in their car! Will also help preserve the life of your steering wheel material.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Great tool to have on hand to check your tire pressure levels!

Glove Box Organizer

Help them keep the important papers organized and in the right place! A simple case can make a big difference  when it comes to keeping those documents in an easy to locate place.

Remote Car Starter

A handy gift that makes starting your car easier (especially on those cold mornings) much more pleasant!

Other Handy Items


-Windshield Scraper

-Flashlight (including extra batteries)


-Sand or Salt

-Wiper Fluid


Happy Holidays!